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The Shout (Hotel, bar, club and liquor industry news)
Oct. 2009

The tchillbag® comes now in a Starry Dark Blue with gold or silver handles and a shower of stars for the festive season, a Kiss design with a Marilyn Monroe style big smack and red handles and a tchillbag decorated with our unique Ozzie flag.

Tchillbag® is the must-have product for the bottle shops, wineries and retailers this summer. More...

QHA (Queensland Hotels Association Magazine)
Sept. 2009

Twinkle, twinkle...
Funky, Sleek and very affordable, the tchillbag is a portable ice bucket and the perfect gift for the festive season.... more click here

Wine Selector Magazine
Sept. 2009

Chill Baby
The must-have accessory for 2009 is the very sleek and very sexy tchillbag.... more click here

May 2009

Just add ice. ... The must-have product for the hospitality and retailers in 2009. ...tchillbag has proven a successful point-of-purchase product for wineries, restaurants, bar, lounges and retailers.... More...

QHA Review
July 2009

The must-have accessory
for 2009 is the very sleek and very sexy tchillbag more...

PR Log
June 2009

Tchillbag Is Absolutely Spot On When It Comes To Chilling Champagne Or Wine. more...

Virgin Blue Voyeur

June 2009


Finally, the humble Australian esky has been given a 21st Century makeover. more...


June 2009


Whether you're celebrating with friends at a BBQ, enjoying a quiet picnic on a beach, dining at a BYO restaurant or just feel like a glass of wine right now - and cold thanks - the tchillbag is the perfect accessory. more...

New "ice bucket" on the market
April 2009

Introducing the very sleek tchillbag® (pronounce chillbag), a Smart Ice Bucket and gift bag all in one.
Whether it’s for indoors or out, for chilling or serving, the light-weight tchillbag® is the ideal accessory for a picnic in the park, a dinner at a restaurant, a bbq with friends or as the perfect gift bag for that special celebratory champagne. more...

Yahoo Lifestyle
Chill out...

March 2009


What do you do when the economic crisis gets worse by the day and your best friends birthday is just around the corner? Stuck for gift ideas? Strapped for cash? Well thanks to tchillbag (pronounced chillbag), we have the answer!  The must-have, multi-coloured accessory for 2009!

Grapegrowers & Vignerons

March 2009

For promoters of wine, the new tchillbag is an option that stands out from the crowd.


hospitality magazine
Just add ice and chill
4 March 2009 


The tchillbag® (pronounced chillbag) is a promotional product which is a Smart Ice Bucket and gift pack all in one. It can be used for any event with clients as a bottle of bubbly or a labeled clean-skin wine in the tchillbag for a gift that promotes any brand in a practical and sophisticated way. more...

Convenience World
February  March 2009

A new innovative smart ice bucket and gift bag (pronounce chillbag) has hit the market, giving retaikers a great upsell product for their stores more...

National Newsagent
March 2009 


.... Ideal as a gift bag for that special bottle of champagne or as a convenient, light weight ice bucket for a picnic at the beach. more...

Just Add Ice
April 2009

It's time to say goodbye to summer but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the warmer autumn days outdoor... more...

Did I Love It?
April 2009

tchillbag – is it really the smart ice bucket?

The tchillbag landed on my desk a few months ago and it took me this long to test it out as, being a new product, I kept forgetting to use it in all the situations it recommends. But finally(!) this weekend I went on a picnic and took the tchillbag along to see if it lived up to its ’smart ice bucket’ name.  And I have to admit – I really loved it! more...

March 2009

tchillbag: the funky, smart, ice bucket. The combination of bag and ice bucket is a clever idea. It makes for a great, inexpensive gift, a handy item to take to the beach or a party, or a trendy look for the boardroom. more...