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Branding Savino Carafes

Wineries, Cellar Doors, Restaurants, Clubs...

We brand the Savino Wine Preserving Carafe for You

We Brand them From 36 Pieces Only

The Savino Wine Preservation Glassware lives up to its slogan:
“Drink today’s wine tomorrow" 


"Yes, Got the Savino Carafes. Love it. Works a great. Cheers, Graeme." Windy Peak Winery

Simply said, Savino is an easy-to-use wine preservation system that allows you to enjoy your favorite wines anytime without waiting for an occasion. Open any bottle with confidence, knowing that you can enjoy the full original flavor of Tuesday's wine on Saturday. The Enthusiast Carafe will keep your wine fresh, with it's original flavor for at least a week. Unlike other wine preservation solutions on the market, Savino creates a new, elegant environment designed to preserve and serve wine. 

Delivered in box of 6 carafes, each in an elegant gift box. (Unit RRP $45.00 GST included)

We can brand them with your logo

Please send us a VECTOR file of your logo in PDF, AI or EPS for best results and the quantity required and we will send you a quote. We can brand 36, 72, 144 288 or more (multiple of 36 pieces).



 How Does the Enthusiast Carafe Work?



The Enthusiast Carafe has a float. The float in Savino rests on top of your wine creating a physical barrier between your wine and the air. This process slows down the transfer of oxygen to the wine, thereby limiting the oxidization process and keeping your wine fresh for up to a week. Please watch the 1 mn video belo

savino-carafe-estate-807.jpgHow Do I use It?

Pour the contents of your open wine bottle into Savino.
Insert the float to minimize oxygen contact with the wine
Insert the lid to help prevent spills.
To serve from Savino, remove the lid and pour the wine with the float still in Savino. 

Savino has a holding capacity of 750 ml, which is the volume of a standard wine bottle. 

The Savino Enthusiast Carafe is delievered in an elegant gift box.










How Does the Enthusiat Carafe Work? Watch this one minute video

 Technical Information:

The Savino carafe and lid are made from 100% BPA FREE Triton, which is recognized for its high transparency. Triton can be consistently manufactured to the specific tolerances needed to ensure the wine preservation effectiveness of Savino. Triton is a registered product of Kodak Eastman.

The Savino float is made from the highest quality food-grade and BPA-free plastic, designed to hold up under years of use while not discoloring or imparting any taste onto your favorite wine. Designed to very stringent dimensions, the float is durable enough to withstand repeated use including being dishwasher safe, yet light enough to float effortlessly while allowing you to pour from a Savino.

Dishwasher Safe - Made from BPA Free Tritan Copolyester and Silicone - Made in the USA
Height: 266 Millimeters
Weight: 680 gr
Holding capacity: 750 ml, which is the volume of a standard wine bottle.

Carton of 6 pieces Carton are 36 x 30 x 24 @2.5kg
RRP $45.00 GST included


What the Media Says About the Savino Enthusiast Carafe:

Hufftington Post "The genius factor of Savino is the 'float' component which creates a physical barrier between oxygen and the remainder of your wine while still allowing you to make a pour from the device."

Chicago Tribune "Wines in the Savino system kept their freshness and vivacity, with little or no noticeable development of off odors or deterioration, for as long as seven days (riesling) to as short as five (zinfandel). Note that the deterioration was slight."

Howard Hewitt Wine Expert  “There is nothing like it that’s effective, easy to use, and elegant,” Tavenner said. “We have hit that resonance point of something that is beautiful to look at; you can pour from it, it’s easy to use, intuitive, and it’s effective. It covers up 98 percent of the surface area of the wine. When those things come together, magic happens.”


The branded carafes shown here are examples only